About Us

Vision: A world in which all people have access to a self-help, self-regulating method to reduce the devastating effects of stress, tension and trauma; as well as offering healing and a greater sense of peace, wholeness and vitality.

Mission: To introduce TRE to individuals  throughout Prince Edward Island and neighboring provinces, by teaching TRE and providing TRE certification and support to TRE providers.
Philosophy: TRE is to be provided to all people and is not exclusive to any one nationality, culture or profession, but rather inclusive and supportive to all people around the world.

East Coast TRE wants everyone in PEI and in the region to have access to learning TRE for themselves and wants anyone interested in teaching TRE to others to have access to the necessary knowledge, support and guidance to learn how to teach TRE safely and effectively.
Our Team
Joan McDonald
Certified Level III TRE Trainer
                                              ​Joan is registered social worker (RSW), experienced counselor,
                                              workplace consultant and educator. Joan has completed the course  
                                              work in a five year professional training program in Bioenergetic
                                              Analysis and is a member of the International Bioenergetic Society.
                                              She is one of two certified TRE Level III trainers in Canada. She is a
                                              member of the TREllc Leadership Team with Dr. David Berceli. She
                                              co-leads the Global Certification Program and supervises Level III
                                              Trainers and trainees who provide certification training to people around the world. Joan offers certification training to those who wish to teach others TRE by providing Level 1 and Level 2 workshops, supervision and certification.
Joan loves to teach TRE as a self care practice to the general public and to specific groups such as first responders, health care providers, social workers and body workers.
She lives in Prince Edward Island Canada and for part of the year, lives in Chiang Mai Thailand where she leads the TRE Thailand team. Her goals include introducing TRE in Nepal and establishing humanitarian projects in Asia. (Read more)
Sherri Barrett
Certified Level II TRE Facilitator
Sherri has spent much of her professional and personal life assisting individuals overcome barriers and to realize their full potential.

Her strong belief in life-long learning has been developed through over 25 years in the field of human services/social development. She has worked with many individuals from varied backgrounds and life experiences including individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. Since 2005 she has provided leadership and support for individuals in the PEI Aboriginal community seeking employment and skills development.
Using a holistic and motivational approach Sherri promotes building self esteem, inspiration, encouragement and the celebration of accomplishment. She is a certified trainer in Life Skills Training, a facilitator for Developing Capable People with experience in cross cultural training. Sherri has degrees in Psychology, Human Resources and Human Services.

Sherri is a Level II TRE Facilitator/Mentor working with individuals and providing weekly classes.  She has seen the many benefits that TRE provides as a self care practice.

She has attended Level  III training in Madison Wisconsin, and while working towards Level III Certification she is mentoring under Joan McDonald , Level III Trainer.  As a mentor she assists Joan with the Level I and Level II workshops. (Read more)