Benefits of TRE

Once the tremoring mechanism has been reestablished and the relaxation response is initiated, children and adults report the following benefits:


​❀ a deep and more restful sleep;
reduced anxiety, panic, worry and depression;
inner calm, quiet mind and deep relaxation;
grounded, centered and full-body presence;
more able to cope with stressful and
    emotionally challenging situations;

increased focus, concentration, memory
    and clearer thinking;

increased energy for work and home life;
relief from stress related physical tension
    and muscular pain.​

​TRE is a self-empowering, personal self-care practice that is easily learned, immediately effective and will serve you throughout your lifetime. Once learned, it can be used by most people, including individuals with physical limitations, without ongoing guidance of a trained professional.
TRE can also be delivered to large groups of people   at one time. As TRE works strictly with the anatomy
and neurology of the body, and not the psychology
or story, it can be effectively delivered to individuals
without the concern of language barriers.