Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about TRE.
How often should I do the exercises?

Once you have learned, and are comfortable with, the TRE process, and are not experiencing any adverse reactions to the exercises, you can do the exercises every second day or 3-4 times a week for no more than 15 minutes per session to support the release of chronic tension from the body.
Those who find them energizing tend to do them in the mornings, afternoons or when requiring additional energy, while those who find them relaxing tend to do them at the end of the day to assist with deeper sleep. We encourage you to explore what time of the day is most beneficial and appropriate for you.
You can do the TRE exercises whenever you are aware that you are feeling stressed or beginning to hold tension in the body again. They are a tool for you to use to continue             to release stress and tension throughout your life rather than a one-time intervention.
How much time is needed to do TRE and do I have to do all of the exercises?


As you first start doing TRE, you will need about 45 minutes to do all six exercises between 6-10 times to reactivated your body's innate tremoring mechanism. Doing the full series of exercises will evoke stronger and more sustained tremors and allow for the opportunity to release more deeply held stress and muscle tension from the body.

However, once the shaking mechanism is reactivated, it is not necessary to do all of the exercises; you can simply start with the final position and shake/tremor for a period of 15 minutes. Although many have such a positive experience with TRE, you can certainly extend the amount of time as you determine to be appropriate and comfortable.

Less is better is the best practice with TRE, allowing time to integrate the release of stress and trauma.
Why do I tremor differently than other people?

Just as every person’s life experience, body history and pattern of holding tension is different, the shaking will be individual and specific to your body’s needs. You may even get the shaking in different places or in different positions each time you do the exercises.
​ Your body will shake however it needs to in order to release its specific pattern of tension and holding. Often the shaking will be felt initially in the legs and pelvis but begin to move further throughout the body as the exercises are regularly practiced and the deep chronic tension preventing the free flow of energy throughout the body is released. Once the body is in a more calm and relaxed state, many people are able to feel a fine vibrational flow of energy or heat throughout their entire body.
What if I feel emotionally overwhelmed when doing TRE or in days following?

The absolute golden rule of TRE is never tremor more than you are able to comfortably integrate into your life. If you feel overwhelmed in any way after the exercises, firstly, reduce the duration of tremoring as well as possibly doing the exercises less often.  

If you are unable to successfully self-regulate the process, please contact a TRE provider or a body-based therapist. Remember, TRE is not a psycho-emotional process and is not intended as a substitute for professional assistance where required.

While the tremors do not create emotions or meant to overwhelm the body, a small percentage of people may experience unresolved trauma held in the body that may require the support of a TRE provider or professional assistance for integration and resolution.