Introductory Session

​Tired of trying to let go of stress and old tension patterns just to have them all return again? TRE (Berceli, 2005) is a unique revolutionary process that reestablishes innate neurogenic tremors. These tremors release deeply held stress and muscle tension patterns in the body, resulting in a profound relaxation response. TRE is a powerful process supporting the intelligence and wisdom of the body by working directly with the anatomy and neurology bypassing the ego mind.
TRE is a self-empowering, personal self-care practice that is easily learned, immediately effective and will serve you throughout your lifetime. Once learned, it can be used by most people, including individuals with physical limitations, without ongoing guidance of a trained professional.
​During this 90 minute introductory session, you will be introduced to the science and theory as well as given the opportunity to experience the TRE process for yourself by doing these simple yet profound exercises that can be done by everyone. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or blanket.
Check our "Upcoming Events" page for further details on dates, times and locations of upcoming TRE introductory sessions.