Anyone who has attended a TRE Introduction Session or
private individual sessions and who requires further support
with their TRE experience, is invited to contact us, including
if they are having problem with self regulating their practice
and are uncomfortable with the emotions or physical sensations
that arise as they do TRE. Individual TRE Support Skype
Sessions are also available for those who have just learned
TRE and require some further guidance and support in
properly doing the TRE exercises.
Skype sessions are also an appropriate and convenient medium for individuals who may feel that they need the assistance of a TRE provider to guide them through needed interventions
to deepen the tremoring experience within their body’s or to get the tremors moving up and through the body. Skype Sessions are also a great way to get support with your TRE experience when you don’t have access to a local TRE provider or you simply have some further questions regarding your TRE practice.
To schedule a TRE Support Skype Session, you can reach us through our ‘Contact Us’ page. TRE Support Skype Sessions have a duration of 30 minutes.

TRE Support Skype Session