The videos below are testimonials from individuals from around the world who have gained and/or observed various benefits from people doing TRE. You can also find more insightful stories and testimonials by clicking on the links below:

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Video, Audio and Written Testimonials
Deep Restful Sleep

TRE helps individual regain deep restful sleep and be free from sleep medication for the first time in over 20 years.

Relief for Anxiety

TRE provides relief to lady suffering with anxiety and experiences renewed inner peace and calm.​

Chronic Back Pain Relief

Craniosacral therapist finds relief from chronic back pain using TRE.​

War Veteran Recovery

Executive and war veteran talks about his reovery from fibromyagia and Insomnia using TRE.

Improved Relationships

Medical doctor share improved family relationships through using TRE.​

Addiction Support

​Addictions professional speaks about the benefits of TRE for individuals with addictions.​