TRE Videos

To learn more about this revolutionary practice, view the following videos provided below.

TRE Explained - David Berceli

An explanation of what is TRE, how it

works and how people benefit from this powerful and revolutionary process.​​

Explanation of TRE

In this video, founder David Berceli explains how TRE helps provide relief from everyday life stress to traumatic experiences.​​

Medical Doctor uses TRE​ in her Practice
Medical doctor uses TRE in her medical practice to successfully help her patients with a  wide variety of health conditions.

TRE - A Unique and Effective Practice

Dr. Melanie Salmon talks about the effectiveness of TRE to release stress and tension to regain a renewed sense of health.

TRE in Support of Everyday Life Stress

An explanation of how TRE can support us in copping with everyday life stress that adversely affects our state of health and wellbeing.

Neurogenic Tremors

This video provides a visual illustration of "Neurogenic Tremors" that are elicited within the body when one does TRE.