What is TRE

Tension/Trauma Release Exercises (Berceli, 2005)
is a unique and revolutionary process to de-stress,
release tension and process trauma. The six TRE
exercises reestablish our innate shaking mechanism, which is natural to us, but which we have 'switched off' through centuries of believing it to be unhealthy. The shaking, or what we call neurogenic tremors, release deeply held stress and muscle tension in the body, resulting in a profound relaxation response, leading to an expansion of inner awareness, full body presence and a renewed sense aliveness and vitality. 
No matter the cause of the stress, tension or trauma, TRE is a powerful process supporting     the intelligence and wisdom of the body by working directly with the body's anatomy and neurology bypassing the ego mind, allowing the individual to let go of stress, tension, and physical and emotional trauma.

Many people cannot effectively talk about what is causing them emotional pain. They need to release the muscular tension that keeps them from relieving their stress through poor sleep, busy thoughts, poor memory, shallow breathing, increased irritability, decreased ability to focus, anxiety and depression.

We need to learn how to tremor, shake and move spontaneously and to simply remember how to allow them to occur. The ability to release, rebalance and renew is already inside us, bound up like a spring, waiting for an opportunity to naturally shake us free. TRE is like first aid for life: 90% of the time for 90% of the problems, a little self-care and tremoring may be all we need to restore ourselves to our natural state of peace, calm, health and vitality.
What are Neurogenic Tremors?
Most people have experienced involuntary shaking such as ‘shaking like a leaf’ or ‘knocking knees’ after a severe shock or fright, when extremely nervous such as before public speaking
or even in moments of extreme excitement and joy such as when getting married or receiving  an award.

Neurogenic tremors are innate to all mammals and are easily observed as a horse sends a tremor through its entire body after a fall or the rapid vibration felt holding a scared guinea pig.
The shaking experienced as tremors is the central nervous system’s innate way of discharging excessive tension through the rapid muscle contraction and relaxation of the tremors, calming the body down from an over excited adrenal state.
Learning to invoke intentional tremors using the simple exercises of TRE allows us to activate and experience this discharge in a deliberate and conscious way. As we release that which is unresolved from our past, we soon begin to breath easier and to sleep more deeply. We begin  to move more freely in our body and in our lives.
​                                                                  What do neurogenic tremors feel like?
                                                                  The tremors have been described as a massage
                                                                  from the inside out, and are mostly experienced as
                                                                  mildly pleasurable, often with an associated feeling
                                                                  of heat or release spreading throughout the body.​
Some people experience the shaking as large, slow or rapid movements in their legs or arms, while others experience a milder purring like vibration in their body’s as it becomes more relaxed. The neurogenic tremor may also be experienced in the body as bouncing, rocking, rolling or as large stretch-like movements.
Each person’s body will usually tremor where there is the most tension or where the primary tension is held, such that one person may have all their shaking in their legs while others may mostly experience it in their shoulders and arms. Every person will have their own individual tremor pattern according to their own unique history, experience and tension patterns.
While some people may experience an emotional release during the Trauma Release process, others may experience no emotional response whatsoever, all while still achieving a significant physiological and psychological release, experiencing a renewed sense of wellbeing as a result of the mind and body returning to its natural balanced healthy state.
An enhancing attribute of the Trauma Release Exercise process is the physiological states associated with a trauma are often able to be released without having to actually relive, remember, or talk about the actual traumatic event itself.
Individuals, until confident and comfortable with the emotions and physical sensations that arise when doing the TRE exercises on their own, should be guided and supported through the process by a certified TRE provider, being clearly informed that at any stage if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable, the tremors can be immediately stopped by simply straightening the legs or rolling onto their side.